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Things You Can Do If You Want To Dedicate Your Life and Career to Saving the Planet and Every Living Thing On It…

•  Do what you love, and fight for climate justice everywhere you can
“If you want to work on climate change, you could train to be an environmental scientist or get a job as an activist (which you don’t need to go to university for, just get involved).
But the truth is, that if we’re going to tackle climate change we need to do all of the things, and in all areas of society, with a huge array of skills. So pick something you love, and keep battling on climate change every day in every way you can.
We need architects who’ll build climate smart buildings. We need musicians, PR whiz-kids, instagrammers, filmmakers, graphic designers, spoken word artists, journalists and more who’ll help us tell more stories about climate change. We need engineers to build bigger and better trains. We need lawyers. We need loft insulators (in fact we need loads of those…). We need fashion designers who have simply had enough of fast fashion. We need historians to help us remember how we’ve changed in the past. We need politicans and lobbyiests to help make it happen. We need supermarket managers to cut food waste. We need incredible chefs to whip up vegan feasts. We need financial clever clogs to work out how all the money we’ll need for this will flow round.” Alice Bell
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